Personal Training

How can Personal Training help you?

As someone that has walked the talk, I know what it takes to overcome life’s challenges. 

The fat little short kid that wore glasses and was not the best in school was not picked for team sports and later developed Crohns disease. I made the decision to help myself and then I learned to help others. 

Invest in Your Future

I know if you want something in life you need to be accountable, consistent and schedule the time into your day. You need to invest in your future and in your health and that is where I come in. As a professional Personal Trainer it is my job to push you harder than you would on your own in exercising properly, safely without injuries while achieving marked results. My goal is to give you a better quality of life. “I am your health conscience”.

How it works

First we figure out what it is you are after, your “WHY”. Then we work together to find the best way we can help you reach that goal whatever it is. I have a variety of tools and a wealth of experience to use that most Personal Trainers just don’t have. Personal training is exactly that, it is personalized to do what you want and need. We schedule your private sessions, at your convenience so we can work together to ensure your best workout without interruptions.

One on One Personal Training

With my One on One Personal Training, I will create a unique program just for you. I’ll find things that you enjoy and build the program around you and your needs. We can train at your home, at our club in Barrie, or at my outdoor center in Oro Station or at a location of your choice. For extra variety in your program we can train at all these locations alternatively.

Different Reasons. Different Results.

I work with all kinds of people and for different reasons and for different results. From the ages of 6 to 85, I have worked alongside my clients who wanted to gain more weight; who wanted to lose more weight; wanted more energy; wanted to de-stress and fight depression; to just feel better about their bodies and mind. I have successfully helped all my clients who have come to me with back problems, knee, shoulder and other injuries, to resolve and strengthen their bodies and avoid undergoing surgery.

Everyday People to Pro Athletes

My list of clients have included everyday people to pro athletes at the Olympic & World level in Judo, OHL, AHL & NHL hockey players, competitors in Iron Mans, Marathons, and Dance. With over 30 years of experience I can help you on your road to better health or to excel physically in your sport.

Let me help you be ‘the best that you can be’!

My goal is to make you a healthier person so you will have a better quality of life. To do all the things you want with family and friends. It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that counts. Let me help you be ‘the best that you can be!
Personal training two to four or a group: Please contact us for more information.

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