Meet the Owner / Instructor Sensei 

Bill Shoup

Living up north in a small town called Cobalt he learned & holds belts in both Karate & Kung Fu as a kid. Bill moved to Orangeville and found his true sport in 1976, Judo.

As the years went by he helped his Sensei open Judo clubs in Shelburne, Grand Valley and Base Borden, were they taught the military Judo for hand to hand combat. 

Then in 1995 he opened his own Judo club in Barrie. In 2000 he then opened All Round Health and Fitness, to fulfill his dream in helping people achieve their best self with his philosophy of whole body training. 

I have always wanted to help others be part of what is going on, not having to sit on the side lines watching, wishing they could take part. 

As someone that has Crohns and was small I never let it stop me and it troubles me to see others hurt because they are not fit, healthy, strong, tall enough to be out there living life to the best of their ability

I care for people, I want to bring out the best in you. Participation in fitness strengthens the body, eliminates depression and focuses the mind. I am so lucky to have helped so many people live healthier lives.

Come join us in living a healthier lifestyle with All Round Health & Fitness.

Our Training Classes

Martial Arts
 Classes in Judo

Judo is a Martial Art and is your best form of self-defense. The difference between teaching.
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Women and Men 
Self Defense

Our self-defense course is a mixture of different Martial Arts & Self-defense tactics.
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Tai - Chi 

Tai Chi has been practiced in China for centuries as a martial art, as exercise, and as a means.
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Personal Training is exactly that, it is personalized to do what you want and need.
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